What an exciting time to take on the role of Fraser Group President with new Branches formed and a growing membership of enthusiastic women with a wide range of interests.

 “The work of the Association is the work of the members and branches in their community”.  In other words, the members are the most valuable resource and my role is to support the work of the members.

Craft was the initial reason that I joined CWA about 9 years ago, and then I found all the other wonderful things on offer.  I joined the proof reading team and the Magazine Committee which then led onto terms on the Strategic Planning Committee, WEB Committee, Membership and now the Communications Committee.    I have been a tour guide for the Umina House and Garden on Melbourne Open House Days, worked at Government House on Australia Day, organised the ‘Yarn Event’ in 2015, spent a week in 2016 at the Royal Melbourne Show teaching children how to knit and crochet, worked on the Membership stand for the Stitches and Craft Show and the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show where I will be again this year on Friday 31 March.

Yes, there are many opportunities to get involved, at whatever level that suits you.

Alida Helleren,
Fraser Group President

Each year, the CWA sets the year with purpose.  This year:
Theme for 2017: Share the Friendship
Product/Resource: Dairy
Country of Study: Denmark
Thanksgiving Fund: Crohn's and Colitis Australia
State Project: Archives - Her Story-Our Story
Social Issues Focus: Homelessness and Affordable Housing
State Creative Arts & Home Industries Exhibition 2017: Warnambool, 4th & 5th August



Sat 23 - Tues 3 Oct
Royal Melbourne Show.


Sat 2.        9.00am
Christmas Fare – Umina.

A Very successful Cocktail Party ... 

held on Friday 19 May by Alida for the executive of each branch within our Fraser Group.  This was timely for branch members to meet before attending the State Conference in late May.

Too much food, not enough wine (probably cause everyone drank it all!) and lots of very pretty shoes on display.

As no one left early, Alida would like to host another one and this time for all the branch members.  Stay tuned ...  Meanwhile, here is a happy snap.

Fraser Group Branches Executives

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